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   joe carducci is a friend from way back. he used to run sst records from 1982 through 1986 and was also a co-owner. since then he moved to laramie, wyoming (via a stint in his home of chicago) and has started up some new labels, owned & operated and upland plus a film company, provisional. he is also now dedicated to providing some of that 'c' word for the internet, content. right now, that means some essays letting folks in on his thoughts. he is putting this out under the moniker of the antagonist and has allowed me the privilege of posting them up here in these hoot pages. these are the ideas of joe carducci relating to politics and culture and they are brought to you unfiltered by anyone in any way. he has yet to get email but he can be reached by snail mail at:

joe carducci
215 1/2 s. 1st st.
laramie, wy
82070 usa

fax: (307) 742-3047

   also, he'd like folks to take a look at this web page,, since it is affiliated w/his operations. it is now in a primitive and seemingly still-born stage but promises made to joe assure him of yet more conduits for his ideas.

   finally, does one have to be told these are the thoughts of joe carducci alone and express neither the opinion, position or emotional state of mike watt or anyone else for that matter? if so, then it has been said and should be duly noted, thank you.

   and thank you, joe, for zipping it down and sticking it out.

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