one of the best e-mails I ever got

Wed, 05 Aug 1998

Steve McClellan

Hey Watt,

   The music industry has devoured itself AGAIN. Seemingly all the levers and buttons created by the commercial stations and major labels to clone mass produced "pablum" and generic clones of previous successes (financial) has run into some glutting of the market. Festivals are bombing, "major" releases are "bombing" and everyone has began the process of "covering their own asses". Some agents and bands are leaving major agencies to build from the ground up again (they see the writing on the wall). Some agents and bands are going for broke (bidding wars and short range gauging/exploitation). Tickets are increasing for the "pick hit of the day". While developmental touring seems to be lost in the shuffle. Anyway change as always is frightening, exciting, and overall inevitable. I say it is about time for a major "correction" in the music business (stock market lingo as I understand it). Now street level creation of music begins to flourish again AND while the industry scurries around attempting to key in on the "next big thing" to feed to the masses, things get exciting again. I don't seem to have any answers presently, just alot of questions. It will be good to see you guys again, we need a dose of the Black Crew Gang.

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