caffettiera napoletana a. passeggio

(50 anni di esperienza)


  • 1) To fill before the inside part of the coffee pot of coffee-powder (5 grams each person)

  • 2) To screw in the filter on the inside-part of the coffee-pot.

  • 3) To fill of water the superior-body till the little hole.

  • 4) Introduce the inside-part of the coffee-pot in the superior-body (already filled of water before).

  • 5) Put the coffee-pot with the spout on the supeior-body and put it finally on the fire.

  • 6) As soon as the water goes in ebullition, you will see the water coming out from coffee-pot, just from the said little hole. Now, keep out the coffee-pot from the fire, upset it and remain it for some minutes in rest; in the meantime, the water will filter and will transform it in a very exquisite coffee, and you can serve it too. It is well known all over the world that NEAPOLITAN ORIGINAL COFFEE-POT "A PASSEGGIO" is the unique to do a very aromatic coffee.


found by Beppe Severgnini 1997 (c)
collected by William Ward
edited by Rinaldo Rasa

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