j mascis & the fog "more light" tour 2001, third leg - europe

   one more time for watt in the van w/ j + the fog. some experience for me playing w/these cats and digging the music but it's time for watt to get back to his own music. I can't tell you how much all I've learned here will help me though w/this next challenge. I could wear my shit out, blue-in-the-face, thanking j over and over for the chance to throw down w/him. one of a kind music cat in a world of lego rock, the fact he's eight years younger means nothing. I hope there was something I could show him but I don't know, the cat is something else. he recorded all the gigs 'live' that we did on the second leg w/his digital recorders so maybe a 'live' album might result. all I know is that each gig was very special for me and also having the chance to hear him air his ideas, which are very interesting and get his views on things was the best.

   this third leg of tour for the year will be in europe. when we were first there last december, it was such a short trip - only ten gigs. this time we play a lot more england and some scandinavia besides the usual german gigs (though I enjoy them too - belgium and holland also!). it'll be my first time in norway and sweden ever.

   I want to thank all the gig-goers and listeners who's given us a shot and checked this unit out. we've got nothing but warm feelings and great response to the music we're trying to get across. I think this shows an amazing amount of open-mindedness and a willing to be challenged and not just spoonfed. much respect to all you good people. I can't tell you how happening it is to get a spirit from folks where you're playing your heart out, there's nothing like it and I just want everyone to know that I'm very grateful to you also, along w/j and george - all the cats who've helped on both sides of the front of the stage.

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read watt's tour diary!

fri, june 1 - boat club, nottingham, england

sat, june 2 - the leadmill, sheffield, england

sun, june 3 - the cockpit, leeds, england

mon, june 4 - hop & grape, manchester university, manchester, england

tues, june 5 - king tut's, glasgow, scotland

thur, june 7 - wedgewood rooms, portsmouth, england

fri, june 8 - shepherd's bush empire, london, england

sat, june 9 - pavillion theatre, brighton, england

mon, june 11 - muziek-o-droom , hasselt, belgium

tues, june 12 - effenaar, eindhoven, netherlands

wed, june 13 - vera, groningen, netherlands

thur, june 14 - pumpehuset, copenhagen, denmark

fri, june 15 - hultsfred festival, sweeden

sat, june 16 - so what, oslo, norway

w h o a ! - this tour got cut - we survived a van crash near falkenberg, sweden on june 17 - the rest of the tour is canceled

mon, june 18 - pc69, bielefeld, germany - canceled

tues, june 19 - zeche, bochum, germany - canceled

wed, june 20 - substage, karlsruhe, germany - canceled

thur, june 21 - star club, dresden, germany - canceled

fri, june 22 - gladhouse, cottbus, germany - canceled

sat, june 23 - schlachthof, wiesbaden, germany - canceled

sun, june 24 - hurricane festival, scheessel, germany - canceled

as of 20 jun 01

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