pedro to cleveland in thirty days


Brother Matt (pedro) & Matt Wascovich (cleveland)



...I've never been to Cleveland...
I live in Pedro
   a chunk -o-world away..
...never really thought about Ohio...
   ...never really had to.

I had my first Cleveland encounter
   as a little toehead kid
on a rare trip behind the Orange Curtain
circa 1975 ish,
Anaheim / The Big A...
...first AL action
   for the young Senior Circuit fan.

It was a big day for "firsts."

On an early pre-game stadium tunnel stumble
my elevator door slid open
   like it was holding back a game show prize.
I won a face-to-face surprise:
The world's biggest afro
   right before my big bug boy eyes.

Oscar Gamble and Buddy Bell stepped in...
They were cool.
Welcome to the Big Leagues, kid.

I'll never forget that day:
That day I also met Don Drysdale
and he was a DICK!
...yeah he was.
DICK Enberg was no prince either.
Those two big Dicks didn't damper my day much.
They made it more memorable.
Nothing against Cleveland...
   ...but they really sucked... of the saddest sights in the world of sports.

         ...I kinda liked 'em.


My pad is on the point
   of Pleasure Point
      on Point Fermin
         in Pedro.
It's the tip of the edge
   where the pioneering balls-out Go-For-It adventure spirit
      of our civilization's Go West, young man progression history
         got packed into this westernmost Pacific pocket
            crumbling cliffside drop-off
               edge of the world.
Ancient Sunken City remains remind
   as the sunset's insane shine
      blurs the present and past
         on the Pedro timeline.
Seals bark
   where suicidal swan dives sadly stop and splatter.
A permanent end to a parent's kid's
   temporary lame game.
Peggy Sue is cool.

Check the map:
All roads lead to Pedro.
There's no escape.
Burn one.
Don't jump.

Saturday siren screams with a swooping ghetto bird...
There goes another one.

Watch your step...
The sun will shine again tomorrow.



my pad is trashed
   my car broke-down
      my clothes are dirty
    my gal is pissed-off...
and I have only two dollars...

... just enough for a beer!

God works in mysterious ways.


The Love Shark gobbles in the dead of night
    maidens and virgins squeel delight.
      eat raw oysters
         drink white wine
The Love Shark gobbles on no fat swine.


can fuck me up the way I can.

I am my own worst enemy,
unable to hide from myself.

There is no escape.

         Now what?

More, please.


There are sometimes seconds in life
   that are equal
      to years.

... If you're lucky!!!

What was meant to be a momentary cheap thrill
two seconds worth of reality refused to endorse.

REAL TIME does NOT stop
   No matter who you are -
   No matter how drunk you are -

You don't often get a second chance
it only takes one quick click of the clock



   the artist
      fully self-expressed;
         Your beauty will live on

Angel of Freedom
   Inviting the whole world to Play!

The world is a better place
   because of YOU
      your Invitation
            and your Contributions.

Thank You
   for the commitment you made
      to make Life more Fun.

You did it!



the hot night fade...

sprawled naked in the basement
my big sun-tanned belly.
I can't help
but to think of life
as being


All I want is...
   a supercool groove
   on a butt-shakin' beat
   with some funky breaks
   sleek hips grinding rhythms
   and a warm glowbuzz better than perfect
floating carefree thru the nite
   riding clean curvey comfort
   smooth soft skin
   the sweetest smells
   silky, smiling, touching
   blurred delicious tasty
   long hot wet nonstop kisses
   hanging on tight
   solid and real
   all wrapped around my back
swaying, swinging, sweating
   moving, moaning
   dreams intwined
   magic time

all night long.

   That's all.
I LOVE that stuff...

   Anything else is bonus.


A share of what's borrowed
   to thaw what's been frozen;
to feed and strengthen
   what's been forgotten and broken.
Spread the word, friends...
   you've been chosen:

First and most importantly,
Everything is Sacred...You make the Difference-
Follow Yourself-
Give More...Take Less-
Trouble is easily overcome before it starts-
Don't be Afraid...Be Aware-
The Price of Greatness is Responsibility-
People believe what they wish-
Believing something does not make it so-
Wear out and be New-
Yield and Overcome-
Be like Water-
Blunt Sharpness-
Untie Knots-
Taste the Tasteless-
Magnify the Small...Increase the Few-
Don't talk about people and things, Talk about Ideas-
Think of Virtue...not Comfort-
Virtue is its own reward-
The harder you work...the Luckier you get-
Forgiveness is the key to Love's Freedom-
You can observe a lot just by watching-
Don't let School get in the way of your Education-

Look upon the Future...and Dance!


Me and my monkey, man - my,
always right nearby me, my damn monkey, man.

>From a time and place of total nothing,
   we each took up our own space.
Upon stepping out into the world,
   I found a monkey in my same place!

For many many years we would cooperate and agree;
but more often than not, now
   it's looking to be
      we're getting to the point
         where it's the monkey or me.
O, I have so many fond memories,
   even monkey dreams! ...
      a full history of fun...
but more often than not, now
   with these thoughts that I've got,
I think our days of fun are now all over and done.
The moments that we're together are more than I can stand.
So, since it's come to be

the monkey or me,
      I've gotta come up with a plan
         that will stop that
monkey, man.
"Help me, Mr. Wizard!"


   reassemble all the crumbs and recreate the cake.

In the ovenhead   making monkeybread

         that's the place our plan-thought bakes:

         Now, you must be seen   as to be so clean
                        that you
appear obscene to the monkey   who will deem

         that you no longer have what he must take.

         But for this to be achieved    I firmly believe,

      your mutual habits are what you must shake..

      Let's example, per chance, and say "Romance" -

         then be it so ; use your Love Lance;

         not that funky monkey's No Pants Dance.

Whoa!   Clam shucking man with a hambone...

            damn, sometimes I eat like a pig.
It's all been a food-trance excuse that's been monkey induced.
   ... just rub my belly, baby...
                     I've got
something special that I know you'll dig!

The monkey, man; my monkey, man...
            he always knows everything I'm
thinking; he's my monkey, man.
Monkey, damn! O, you monkey, man...

         You run me like no man can.


Great Motivator
New temp
macho postioning techniques on display
The men worshipped the gorgeous young blonde summer hippie moon goddess
Lust filled the air like stud fog
Blinded dumb by desires dimpled dreaming wantings whistle
So sweet and simpled, O say stupid, smiling wonder
Sitting on a set of fully flesh full super scoops
O, lovely tender veal budded squat blossum darling.


What's going on somewhere else right now at this exact moment
while something else is happening somewhere else where I am not? I ask
Although I am not there at this exact moment, I am still here; I am not
somewhere else.
We are wherever we are when we are there, we're just not together.
Yet the moment is the same moment wherever you are at that moment.
The reality is everyone is doing something somewhere having moments they
feel are real
while everyone else is somewhere doing something else having moments
they feel are real.
Everyones reality in that exact moment is real to them wherever they are.
Individually and collectively, both together and apart, everyones
moments everywhere are many.
Many realities are happening every moment everywhere constantly always...
Multiple realities-multiple personalities ... is that crazy, or what?
Whose reality is best?

Collect your moments wisely.
That's what Life's all about.

            ...or something else.


she was kinda cute
      in her cute little suit
and she wanted some toot
      but I had no loot
 she's gone.

coke whore.


That Sacred Touch
we loved so much
laid down gone in ash
hear my heartbeats fade to hush.


I'm a puppet
   of the Lord's design
      and He lets me work the Lifestrings

            but I keep fucking up.


      ~urban haiku~

Who the hell is Mrs. Brown?
      Good Lord, please
keep that bitch away from me.


Copcats be creeping on the mattmouse
slow late copter calling
stopping in the streets
intersection stinkeye sessions
staking out my donut
climbing my walls
flashlight peeks in my second story window
knocking on my door

sad flush sounds of plumbing.

we are free to do what they allow.
these days
freedom means you're not in jail.


early morning misfit
pro-abortion poster boy
dumb loud proud
king of clatter
richity rattle cart
bottle basket
tweeker wheel shake
with nothing to do,
why do it here
so early
so loud?
===D - -


delicate warm fuzz moaning giggle whispers
while tongues and fingers flicker dancing diddles
drooling drunken honey smear lather shakes
floods of sweet girl juice
sweaty love screams.
a passionate flesh wreck tangle


dogma's bitin' down hard
on a snapper freak
crisis collector
hard-on hypocrite
sick-ass gripper nut
pud pounding scupper perch
lyin' lazy
ol' factory
second-hand shit stain
peanut butter cornholin'
knob gobblin' goop lapper:
magnet of doom and grief,
asshole of all things bogus, bunk, and broken.

bare feet smell like death.
take a shower.
make something besides a mess.


               Julia Butterfly Babe
            Beautiful Warrior Tree Queen Hero
               You're an Angel
               Bold and Real as a Redwood
               You are So Special
            Deepest Heartfelt Thanks and Admiration,

Righteous one,
            For Letting Your Light Shine So Bright
               I Love You Forever!


4:31am saturday night-
   just rollin' in from an extended afternoon/evening/night roll in hollywood.
guess it's 7:41am sunday morning in cleveland-
      ....'bout time to go to church.....
my melrosean nocturne was so comfy way deep in the hole
            diggin ol bluez bud William Clarke
blow (RIP)
            with some felines
            and some misc subhumans......
I believe I'm going to pass on the sunday service ...
I've already had several religious experiences today (and the sun's not
even up yet)
I feel the spirit,even now,
my sacred moments.......they still linger........
here's another, quick!   .........   pull my finger!


now she thinks she totally knows me
and wants an all access in
past my tough guard lizard skin
   just because of Great sex ....
Why is skillful effectiveness penalized?
   Why does that happen?
Our agreement was clear .... hell, she made it.

What does she want
            to do in there?
         ruffle my ridges?
         rip out my heart?
         rob me of my soul?
         rattle my cage?
         delete my drive?
         steal my stuff?
         rumple my stilskin?
         scramble my eggs?
   My eggs are fine,
            thank you.

Hey, you!
Who do you want me to be?
   You don't care who I am.
      Help yourself to enjoy the good parts
               and be happy.
   Just leave the unwanted qualities and complaints

   to me.
   You'll get the best parts
            with no love ... no stress
               all good fun
         some people fuck for less.

   I suppose
            I could just give-up
         fold, join, buy in, fake it, play the game, quit
               sell-out, surrender ....
.... get a new name and move out of town ....

Nah ....
               not yet, anyway ....

   huuuummmm ....

               I wonder what she's doing now?


O, the peanutman
               the peanutman,
Let's take off our hats
               to the peanutman.
In every season
               across the land
you'll always find the peanutman.
Up the stairs
               and thru the stands,
      peanuts fly out of his hands
         into the hands of peanut fans.
"NUTS!".. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .."PEANUTS!"
         yells the man,
            as he totes his nutbox
               across the stands.

... you've probably bought his nuts many times before;
he sells peanuts from shore-to-shore;
every peanut purchase is his peanut show,
leaving fans cheering and yelling for more.

The smell of the peanut might flavor your breath;
and for the price, nuts feed family fans best.
The birds at the ballpark use the shells for their nest;
that cleans the scene of the peanut fans mess.

The peanutman
            the peanutman,
Up the stairs and thru the stands,
               peanuts fly out of his hands
            into the hands of peanut fans.

In every season across the land,
            the hero is
                  The Peanutman!!!


defeat is no option
can't stop now
don't quit till done
no one will notice
   do you do it so it's done, or
   do it to be noticed?
what's your purpose?


Welcome to my world
we're on
an E ticket ride of relatedness.
stretching the ages
past any and all belatedness;
let's explore Life,
create an authentic relationship
   beyond what we know,
surrounded by righteousness
blazing new trails
our limits are boundaryless,
      better than anything we've ever known:
Digging deeper together
the greatness just grows
thru any bad weather
   thru any bad shit;
we wont be stopped by any bunk trip.
My heart's open, come in;
You can live what you dream.
That's my commitment and promise
cuz that's just who I be.
The decision is yours:
Come live big
Be my queen.


A dreaming daydreamer had a dream that made him think:
Thinkers think thoughts then sometimes talk.
Writers write thinkers thoughts which are sometimes read by readers.
Readers reading the thoughts of thinkers written by writers sometimes
talk to talkers.
Talkers talk to talking talkers who talk a lot.
Talkers sometimes talk with non-readers and non-thinkers about the
thinkers thoughts
which were written to be read by readers like the reader the talker
talked to,
who then talks to other non-thinkers about thinkers thoughts.
A non-thinker who has no thoughts is now talking about the thoughts of thinkers.
Thus, the non-thinker thinks the thoughts of the thinker,
since the non-thinker thinks no thoughts of his own.

The thoughts that have trickled down
spread like ripples from the thinkers thought's splashdown.
Then those ripples interact and intersect with other ripples
and part of one ripple becomes part of the other ripples
so the other ripples become part of each other
and ripple on rippling into other ripples
and ripple on
and on
and on
and when the right ripple is ripe
each rippled thought becomes a thought seed.
Each rippled thought seed will be a bud.
Each thought bud will bud a thought blossum then bloom.
That thought blossum bloom is a dream......
.......a dream dreamt by a dreamer.

.......and so it goes..... think good thoughts......

Cut out the middle men.


I wanna say how I dig you in a way we both understand.
The only way that I know how is just be who I am.
Being with you since I want you is at this moment my plan;
so don't play the tease then be a bitch and curse every man.

You cuddle up cooing love then shoot me down like a duck.
You set the bait, I took the hook for a good loving fuck.

It's not like we never did it....
to not express my desires, I wouldn't be real had I hid it.
Your helpless obsessive compulsive constant dramas totally suck.
And it all began when holding hands led to a good loving fuck.


The coastal fog clings to the coast cliffs like a thick wet fart clings
to your shorts.
The wind is howling; my belly is growling; fucking cats are yowling.
The echo barks of seal sex float thru the quiet of my dark night haze.
Here in my homeland, I'm tapping thin time in a doubled down daze.
Gangster gunshots blast off in the distance: six kids capped this week.
New brave cop crime cameras ticket traffic installed on my streets.
Most mini-malls have donut shops. Most kooks got booze for balls.
A mali govno glava gets a drunken new tattoo
of a place he's doesn't know or been,
with his friends so now he's cool;
to others he's another fool.
In the mix there are still heroes
who will do what they must do.
Quiet actions proud with purpose;
they speak of "DO", not what they done did.
They are modern warriors
They keep dreams alive,
even if it's not so cool or hip
They don't forget the big unseen prize
They must wipe shit constant from their eyes
They might be slowed, but never stopped.
What they do may not seem fun
but they do it till it's done.
Parents can be such heros,
and people who fight what's lame.
Artists who say what they must say,
not only when they're in the mood
but every single day;
Teachers like Saavedra, commited to students growth;
they make their work their play.
Heroes confront more shit everyday
than you'll ever know.
Charlie TwoShooz packs the buddah boy
for a future they travel north.
The working girls and working man
who don't give up even when they can.
My Matt club bro slowtoe Wasco
thumps solid rock boots
with a love beyond border blues
makes Cleveland rock more than blue suede shoes.
The gyst here is that you can too.
Walk the walk and do the do.
Be More...simply because you can.
"Good/Better/Best .... never let it rest;
till Good gets Better, and Better is Best."
This is 2000.
Get off your ass
and make the world a better place.



You are a fortress of tomorrow
I am yesterday
Four on the floor on the fence
Sound bite heavy alley
Heavy thinking
Heavy dictionary

Local rhyme
Bathroom walls
Slang scripture
Savior survives

Cat claws mouse
While big rat sleeps
In Africa you fulfill dreams
Fresh rolled in a cot

What forth this scientific talk
Your confrontation changes remote
We are sick of each other
We get sick on each other

Paradox is a thin line
Association won't break
Chopping knife
The politics of love and crisis

Tear gas tears
New beginning
Silent films

A man singing about a tree
Growing old in front of us growing down
The sinking boat
Bloated on respect

What are you after

You are literature
Among the clutter


Ashtray eyes smoking
Skinny Frenchman
Blues asunder
Polemics you don't understand
Not sure if this will last

Reading tarot cards
Crystal ball tall man
Four legs
Dark hallway

She is delinquent
She works the track
Home the morning sun
He cuts ginger and whistles

Olive oil
Sticking to refrigerator
Empirical chef
A spoon drops

Yet we defy
All jumps across canyon
Lady take my salt
My movie is not big screen
Not star
Not proxy


Can't see the backroom
Just classrooms
Nothing about you is economic

He was cleaning off the snow
Slow beast in a big car
E. 97th St. hears gunshot
Census taken to make sense of things

Back pockets full of dirt
Full of original dirt
There is no sin in the live-in

The muse a roommate

Outside on the tree lawn
Tablecloth stained
Shower basin stained

Utensils lost
Lifting up the day


Stavros ain't no hermit
In the hermitage
He is overage and average

Charles Mingus on the turntable
The main events of W. 25th St.
Late hours become early hours

Drive fast around corners

Around the years
Gripping the broken guitar strap
Taping w/ duct tape

Listening to the shudder speed

Frozen lips
Kissing rolled windows

The widow rubbing her rosary
Speaking Slavic prayers

In the sky
Maybe a god


You like everything about this place
Quick thrift
Harness happiness
You adapt
Watching royal video

You slip through jazz streets
Murray Hill is compliment

We did not know yr manipulation
We were all blind devotees
Walking on land mines

Is quick tongue
Pistol talking lover
Blue train sprinkles the bed
She shuts him up


In the Rainbo Lounge
Speaker hangs in suspense
Like the kissing couple
Waiting to investigate

The written word text
Their context is next

Black & white tile of the drag city
Locked down in room 630
The bedroom
The sound barrier is lifted

The shortest point between here & hearing
Is love
She is champion
Every time naked


He adjusted his chi
Said Chicago does that to you
Makes you adjust yr chi

He told me it's a wonderful life
Discussing James Joyce

Waking up w/a bunch of bruisers
In this town you do what you like
She talked about cooking
The sickness of
A vat on her back porch

The back steps slippery w/ ice
The catalog of blues men on her dresser
Borrowed from the library

A dirty room
Clothes on the floor
Crackling from the cheap radio
Playing garage rock

Her black fingernails
Get back here

She was from Ohio
With tight form and
Took music to the mind

Latched onto men w/in hours
Said it reminded her
Of money
Of her Father

She cradled her life
In sublime theories
Told him to take his shoes off
Sit down
Sit in
This room didn't seem so strange or new

And the tea on tongue went down like medicine
Shooting spheres across
The night sky

Means nothing
But a beach full of blown chances and
Damn fraternity


We all walk schools of education
Green leaves
Puckered up to kiss the gutter
Hanging cross on the wall

Fundamentalist law
Hand hanging in handcuff
The American bust

Runaway clamp down

Angry as a dropped plate
Kitchen corner
The competition for blankets
Tattered and overwhelmed by you
Paul Klee painting
Next to piss on the wall
Magic spell is art


Puffed up angry police
Over shoulder
The moon
Colors are
Spooning half-steps

The crying last traps
The breaking mouse traps
The underground world
Of black neckties & yellow rust

The underground world
Glamorous world
Finger snaps clap

It wasn't my idea to care so much
Who let loose the lust
Who knows the hour

A clock
An orange
Next to flowerpot
Just wanting to be around


Bar full of bikers
An arrested gang
Arrested by the smell of leather

Maggie tells me she loves an Irishman
Says she going back to Dublin
To her birthplace
To get away from American culture

She listens to John Cage
And told me that her
Love wouldn't fit on a normal curve

Said getting down to the skin
Would define new meaning
Would show the real action


You stood still
Engaged by the homeless
I give it all up for the work
But you try not to leave

Car is running
She is headlight and advocate

A horizon
Cleveland unfolds

Smell of the plant
Reminds of jobs
In your underwear
Less is more


August at
The Euclid Tavern
Saw a shirt that said,
Booze, Broads, & Horsepower

She said that she wasn't good
Enough to hang out w/during the day

It is all dirty
Vintage van
House to the right
Stares down the night

He took her to breakfast
At a booth
Hand rests on leg
Black bra strap
A distraction

When you leave
Don't take the poems


How long can you be
The weight of things

You are sacred landmark
Silt and thighs
Shake the infrastructure

You don't revolt
You cry
You are full of youth

Turning my stomach until closing time


I could fingerpaint
Till the paint runs out
Because Thurston believes in Anita Hill

I could manufacture
Fake like a grade
A degree

Watt's on the couch
Waiting for wet denim
DC bound

I'll stroll this avenue
Till the paint runs out
Square like you


Show discipline
Lick it up dog
You have napalm on yr teeth
A rocket launcher smile
Dirty paperbacks

You love words
You are ghetto

Sliding down


Rolling around
In a slip jig
Record release
The Charger's Street Gang
Calling out that
Everybody is a little king

Dig their look

They got the swagger
And the seven-inch
Packed in a box on Payne Ave.
Wrestling China Town


A chair


A lecture

Designing stage pass


Crinkle spine


Clock is clean
City is seamless

Pillars in the front yard
Beg forgiveness
Talking is red flag

Excuse is cover charge
Lover roll over
Pay the new city toll
Freedom is transient
On the wire
Notes from the underground

Rapid heart beat
Inside the van
Two together may be better than

Bottom line


Runaway child from Tibet
In a throne
A tear on his cheek
Blistered feet
Windblown face
Militant w/a gun in the neck
Polite lies to the police

Release the teacher
Release the teacher

Walking a hallway
Delirium is mother of silence
Monks kick soccerball in
The courtyard


Is uniform
Seated upright
Over head
Over hears

Guarding plants
On table
To the left
Envelop & seal static

Slick presentation
On pillow
Exits picture

Met in a street on Tuesday
Abound in thoughts
The shape of you
This February
Failure to send out notice


Screaming street
The lamppost silhouette
Honky lingers w/ drink
Under the bridge
Junkie cuts on a mirror
Last breath of puke
Near a fire pimping to score


Cathedral legs
You rule the

Any doubt
You are fault line
Bending paper clips

Disabled by disease
Birthday means little
But dirt turning a grave

Print on hands
Youth holding job
In America


The rush to be
First in the air
The rush to have
Prisons built

The rush to be big sport
Steady profit
The rush to
Sell high in an aeroplane
First in the air

Self built prison failure
Prison fit
Lock the exit door
For practice is sterile
In a bathtub


I sailed across a school bus
I forgot to call yr name
I recognized that textbook

I yelled out dirty story
I yelled out dirty story
I yelled out dirty story
I yelled out dirty story

I saw you at yr school desk
I propped a stretch of skin
I recognized that textbook

I yelled out dirty story
I yelled out dirty story
I yelled out dirty story
I yelled out dirty story

I ran into yr shoulder blade
I walked up in yr storefront
I showed you my hand


Only assets
On a bookshelf

The Queen of Dissonance
One leaf
One stop sign
One referee part time

A straight line
In the high grass

Flat tire
High pipe
Bombing the outer ring

Against a wall
Teenage Slovak

Brakes hold back bicycle skid
Crossed up
Homemade table top
Knocking twigs


For Vince

Igor at the drumset
Strapped in among the skin

Mr. John Coltrane's
Voice setting things up

Curled between bookshelves & technology
Like the canvass stretched
Back in Los Angeles

Back to concrete
The life of hard textures

Brother Weasel

Cutting smog
Above Al's bar


In opposition
Boston liberates
Real Ohio

Bullet clips next to election sign
Church rehabs
Slum as an answer

Skyscraper deals development
Same house
Discount shopping
Sister city

An industrial flat
An industrial Pat
Near an oak counter
Counting down the days


I saw it coming
Getting smoked like this

Grrl grip
Folded filler paper
Edits new view

You hear static
And told me the poem is
Two roads worn

But on one side
In yr rental
You are instrumental


Yr body urban
An urbane body of work
Ink arms on the four strings
Sonic amp
Conquest handbook
Reduced to fragments

Good and evil
Flying saucer
This is dialogue
Paintbrush in big hand
Painting wide
The city

A nation of misunderstanding

Stupid graphs
Show circus
Put away address
Tip back chair
Of course loyalty demands dissent


Brother Matt is rough cut
Got tweaked by the slow toe
His trade is technical

Live from Pedro
Finding pressure points
Pleasure points

He is one of the burning men
On two wheels
A neckbone burning down

He don't want to be a fucking millionaire

Life is more than industry
Get on yr ride and see
Everyone can name numbers

Even in brokenness
Open up

Together like a tied shoe
Sand & ports in Pedro
Imperative is place

The place of things
Turn off your TV

Get moving
Know your geography

The world is good heart
Dual heart

A mountain climb

Copyright © Brother Matt 2000
Copyright © Matt Wascovich 2000
All rights reserved


Attn: Brother Matt
457 W. 40th St., #F
San Pedro, CA 90731


Attn: Matt Wascovich
PO Box 6592
Cleveland, OH 44101

Big thanks & Luv: Lisa, Billy K., Brother Matt for digging the idea, Watt for helping us hook up, Haus of Petkovic (my brother in Cle) & the Haus of Wasco (eTown, SF, Omaha, & the Bogus)

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