the raymond pettibon videofilms on vhs

mr. pettibon is the renown los angeles artist whose singular pen and ink style has prompted double-takes since the mid-seventies. his films explore at length themes those familiar with his art will recognize.

sir drone vhs box art

"sir drone"

written, directed and produced by raymond pettibon.

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starring mike kelley, raymond pettibon, mike watt, joe cole, crane, chris wilder, angela taffe, and ricky lee.

raymond pettibon presents the early days of los angeles punk rock not as simple metaphor for the human condition, but as a singular attempt to break the organic chain of metaphysical fate. there and then and forever after, music was to be no longer music. hippies were to be no longer hippies. everything was instead to be punk. but punk as an end - a squelching of artistic attempt. more, a transcendence of artistic statement itself, by starting with human material that is entirely artless - punk!

"I was there and I don't remember it being this exciting, this sexy, this insane!" - joe carducci

[hw.2 / 57m. / 1989 / vhs]

weatherman 69 vhs box art

"the whole world is watching: weatherman '69"

written, directed and produced by raymond pettibon.

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starring thurston moore, kim gordon, raymond pettibon, mike watt, davo claassen, dave markey, janet hausden, joe cole, joey 8 halsman, mark hecht, rich costigan, abby travis, hank vincent, and master nelson tarpenny.

raymond pettibon wields his camera like a truncheon carved of fine midwestern oak, passionlessly culling hardened terrorists from the innocent fellow travellers swept up in youth culture enthusiasms through no fault of their own. thurston moore is jeff jones! mike watt is gabe nemisch! and above all, kim gordon is bernadine dohrn! watch her whip a detention roomful of bad boys into a fightin' killin' guerrilla band of right on nixonslayers! pettibon's lens nearly melts during scenes of revolutionary discipline which leave nothing to the imagination. all scene are performed by method acting!

"we may have disagreed politically, but we all agreed about a little thing in a mini-skirt." - anonymous chicago cop

[hw.1 / 122m. / 1989 / vhs]

book of manson vhs box art

"judgement day theater - the book of manson"

written, directed and produced by raymond pettibon

starring robert hecker, joe cole, shannon smith, dave markey, dez cadena, pat ruthensmear, jennifer schwartz, abby travis, lance pettibon, linda stone, and janet hausden.

raymond pettibon recreates the big bang of all subsequent self-conscious end of the world cult projections. and he succeeds to such degree that we must warn those of questionable ego formation away from this particular film. it is truly in this sense that here charles manson is robert hecker! that the other representations (tex watson, norman mailer, jimi hendrix, roman polanski, leslie van houten) do not threaten viewer destabilization is no critique of the fine group of thespians pettibon has assembled, but merely to recognize that manson - er, rather hecker may not be acting. and manson - I mean pettibon, may not be directing.

"murder? that's a narc word; I was raised in a progressive household." - tex watson

[hw.3 / 118m. / 1989 / vhs]

citizen tania vhs box art

"citizen tania"

written, directed and produced by raymond pettibon. co-directed by dave markey.

starring pat ruthensmear, dez cadena, dave markey, shannon smith, lance pettibon, joe cole, jordan schwartz, jennifer schwartz, oie pettibon, and nelson tarpenny.

raymond pettibon and co-director dave markey ("love dolls superstar," "1991: the year that punk broke," "reality 86'd") present the sla/patty hearst drama of the early seventies as the final detonation of sixties counterculture premise. a free, sexy right on tania is forged of the uptight, poor little rich girl patty over the white hot flame of four hundred amerikkkan years of bottled up race/sex/black/white fury in the person of field marshal cinque. make sure your vcr has a frame-by-frame advance button! you won't want to miss a single inch of this up from the plantation drama!

"this exhausting maelstrom of sex and violence is redeemed by the fair representation of the good intentions of all my friends of those great days!" - bill walton

[hw.4 / 87m. / 1989 / vhs]


the human wave series was begun by provisional for the purpose of presenting distinctive films shot and edited in home format video technology. the economic ease with which this medium is used allows artists to bypass the economically - and ultimately aesthetically - inefficient high capitalization media of standard film production. provisional intends to continue to release important works in this most essential medium.

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