listen to the watt from pedro show!

   hey, you can hear the watt from pedro show via the good folks at sightworks. for 56k and higher connects. right now featuring 500-plus shows since his return to the airwaves (via the net) on may 19, 2001 - live from the wild kingdom and assisted by brother matt (who also throws some spunnery on the brother matt's spin cycle segment about half the way through the show).

   to dig on all this, just go to and hear the latest show as well as being able to check out an archive of all past episodes when you scroll down.

   some folks are talking about the show here!

now also available as a podcast!

  • first boot itunes (get it from here for free (mac or pc)

  • then go to the "podcasts" section in the lefthand "source" sidebar

  • next click on "podcast directory"

  • now enter "mike watt" in the "search all podcasts" window and hit return

  • clicking on the circle w/an arrow in it right next to "the watt from pedro show" will bring up the nine latest shows


  • click here (the watt from pedro show on itunes!) if you got itunes already installed on your 'puter

first twfps made in pedro - may 19, 2001

first twfps made in pedro - may 19, 2001

shots of "the watt from pedro show" return - may 19, 2001
brother matt (w/hat) and watt (w/flannel)

endless thank yous to the very happening crew at sightworks for all their help!

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