watt joins the west coast modern day punk rock orchestra on their debut 3 song 7 inch "correspondence"

   for this one, I'm gonna let the one and only jovi tell you about it since it was a brainchild of his and the fact that he'd be the best to tell you the details about it:

   "the west coast (modern day punk rock orchestra) concept was designed as a vehicle in which to gather a wide combination of musical free-thinkers together to throw down some songs, as if they were layering or plastering tones on a sort of ever changing canvas, this being the bass and drums. the colors would consists of a variety of guitars, filtered basses, vocals, and keyboards. so, some simple parameters were laid down and everyone was left to contribute what they felt best, with no commands or demands.

   "the tracks were recorded during the months of february, march and may of 1995 at the box studio in san diego, ca (engineered by gar wood). this project was kinda like a "laxed" homework assignment. everyone was sent a tape of the tunes, and then came in and did their respective parts. me (jovi) and matt krane did the bass and drums on feb 18th, then watt came down from pedro on march 15th to lay down the envelope follower bass and the dark cloud of distortion. nels cline came down for a brief detour before the last gig of watt's "ring spiel" tour (may 20th) to do his parts. right before he arrived, rick fork had just finished his tracks so nels came in and listened to what had just been recorded and let his musical intuition run wild! dropping all kinds of random/mind-blowing sounds, and in the process dropping all of our jaws with his unique approach of coaxing colors and tones out of his machine. he was amazing to watch, and left me and gar with plenty of memories (and flashbacks) for mix down. here's the song breakdown:


jovi - backbeat bass loops

matt - drumming

rick - left channel twicth guitar

bob p-23 - synthetic combustions

nels - random guitar trauma

watt - envelope follower bass

"take the nail to 'em"

jovi - bass

matt - drumming

rick - guitar

"story of our long lost loser"

jovi - backbeat bass loops

matt - drumming

rick - left channel guitar

bob p-23: synthetic strings

nels - well placed guitar salvos

watt - distorted black cloud bass

   some other tunes were recorded and should be coming out soon. for any more info on the west coast drop a line to jovi (troutmask@hotmail.com)".

   this 7" of vinyl is out on:

   little brother records
   p.o. box 33677
   portland, or 97292 usa
   email: mail@littlebrotherrecords.com

shot of the w.c.m.d.p.r.o. 'correspondence' cover art

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