"the revolution of everyday life"

   lyrics to the dos/black pig liberation front split single piece by denis mahoney

If we are going to make anything happen
then we are going to have to get down to it ourselves,
because nobody is going to do it for us
if we have any power at all it is in each other
not politics, commodity
or our lives being sold out for product and so called 'progress', the unchecked consumption
of land/spirit/life, not any one thing:
art nature politics business religion or family
but once they are named and thought of as separate things
once they are not the daily expressions of life
with complete participation
desire existence
we end up not thinking for ourselves,
as person, as community, and as intimate participant
in the living woven pattern of the universe

This is a call to end materialist vision
the failed consciousness that continues to play along a death fault

This is the Revolution of the event of Living Now
living everyday as if it mattered

The tragedy of modern mainstream civilization
is the externalization of the physical universe
we must have faith that we are not stuck
isolated in superiority
alienated from the world around us
but involved by our very breath in the cooperative design of all living things
to meet coincide superimpose
that the substance of yourself is nothing but yourself
so that the inside and outside are the same
in common with everything

every human being is an artist
just by being alive

The possibility of destruction is always
implicit in the act of creation
the greatest enemy of individual freedom
is the individual; we cannot
be free unless we are willing to sacrifice at least some
of our own interests and desires
to guarantee the freedom of others

we will move in the shadows and traces
of an impenetrable jungle moon loop ripple that haunts you forever
there are things that can be known
the integrity of the entire poetic corpus becomes an open force field to use
of action and perception

a secret (sacred) image of the pre-being received and heard by a
post-individual across all the intervening years

continuity - 'ceremonial time'

make use of what you can
what has been said what is being said
what will be said there are no beginnings or endings or climaxes
but processes, becoming
past and present in the poetic consciousness
are not the past and present of history and journalism
they are not that which was nor that which happens
but that which is being
that which is creating itself
'the continuous present'

the success of any revolution,
whether individual
or as a community taking control
resides only in itself
precisely in the vibrations and openings
it gives to us at the moment of its making
composes in itself history and memory
root rot giggle done mound past in dark brown chamber earth
opening as beautiful as Mallarme's
imagined flowers, in the imagination,
dreams, hopes, and acts of us together

Don't let anyone tell you how much better things were
at any other time or point in history
we are all dealing with the same struggle, the same thing
to make something of the breath given
we will live and create now
a generational mixing of ideas images distortions contours
desires examinations revolutions
to mix across the boundaries in swirls and gestures
understanding accepting attempting cultural transformation
the restoration of lostness, a remaking using
language biology philosophy technology patterns
noise love culture nature fun hate nation and anti-nation
space and blankness and imagination making worlds
anything that will open the whole
this life to invention
mixed collaborative creations
to make real our time, here

to go about thiswe must start again as individuals
form small tribes in the contemporary sense
do what we can to subvert the destruction
of everything that lives
show by example
that we can be considered (a)part of the bioregions we inhabit
stand up and refuse to participate
in the death march

'revolution is not the overthrow of the existing system
but the setting up alongside of a better one'

To know the spirit of a place
is to know that you are a part of a part
and that the whole is made of parts
each of which is a whole
start with the part you are whole in

as our egoism dies in this new vision
as we are jerked and thrown in through
the gut and jaw and lungs
in and outside of ourselves
we are free to live in ways we never thought possible
a significance of transformation to become what you must

enter pattern complete magic argued
wonder seduce intone

this spectacle of now is to confide to the future
the constantly renewed and resumed struggle
cast knots in patterns on top of patterns
free yourself of hierachization
develop action thought desires
through patterns of relations and juxtaposition
dwell in paradox and mystery
mistrust all rigid categories and logical alternatives
destroy the repeated forms of expression immediately
so as to make repetition and incorporation impossible
destroy all forms of oppression
against self, against otherness, nature, universe
and become a set of patterns
a beautiful tapestry of interactions

that we might rest our heads in each other's hearts

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this page created 18 apr 97