the tour tour two

meat puppets   *   mike watt + the jom & terry show

meat puppets and mike watt + the jom & terry show 'the tour tour two' (2017) - flyer by cris kirkwood

"the tour tour two"

tuesday, may 2 at the bluebird theater in denver, co

wednesday, may 3 at the waiting room in omaha, ne

thursday, may 4 at cabooze in minneapolis, mn *

friday, may 5 at shank hall in milwaukee, wi *

saturday, may 6 at founders brewery in grand rapids, mi

sunday, may 7 at el club in detroit, mi

monday, may 8 at mohawk place in buffalo, ny **

tuesday, may 9 at the haunt in ithaca, ny

wednesday, may 10 at the brooklyn bowl in brooklyn, ny ***

thursday, may 11 at the port city music hall in portland, me ***

friday, may 12 at the brighton music hall in boston, ma ***

saturday, may 13 at the outer space in hamden, ct

sunday, may 14 at the u street music hall in washington dc

monday, may 15 at strange matter in richmond, va **

tuesday, may 16 at underground arts in philadelphia, pa

wednesday, may 17 at mr. small's theatre in millvale, pa

thursday, may 18 at the beachland ballroom in cleveland, oh

friday, may 19 at lincoln hall in chicago, il *

saturday, may 20 at the old rock house in saint louis, mo

sunday, may 21 at rose music hall in columbia, mo **

monday, may 22 at the record bar in kansas city, mo

tuesday, may 23 at 89th street collective in oklahoma city, ok

wednesday, may 24 at club dada in dallas, tx

thursday, may 25 at the white oak music hall in houston, tx

friday, may 26 at barracuda in austin, tx

* w/our old buddy greg norton aboard, doing bass for porcupine

** mike watt + the jom & terry show only - no meat puppets at these gigs

*** w/our old buddy grant hart aboard

from grant hart:

   I am very happy to let you folks know that I will be sharing the stage with Mike's Jom and Terry show and the Meat Puppets.

   I have known Mike as long as I have toured our country and he continues to inspire me as an artist and human being. We have shared the best of times and the worst of days. There have been artists who I have been disappointed with over the years, artists who suddenly lost all credibility when they stop pleasing their own self and focus on expanding their audience.

   Mike will never sell out and nobody works as hard as he does. He makes me proud to be a Punk Rocker. He and Meat Puppets will have a hard act to follow but the love we all share for each other is real and it is powerful.

from greg norton:

The Tour, the tours, and the New Tour.

   The Tour, now that was high art, five bands, one label, rolling up and down the west coast, like an embryonic Lollapalooza. Captured for you on the SST/Target video of the same name.

   The idea bore out from the tours with the three bands at the top of the bill. The history of Husker, is very much intertwined with the Minutemen, and the Meat Puppets. The three bands formed the core of what SST became, moving beyond just being Black Flags label. Recording, and releasing records on the same schedule , the three bands were often touring at the same time. I've had the privilege to share stages with these guys more than I can recall. The Minutemen, and the Meat Puppets became our brothers, and any combination of the three bands on the same bill, always made for a fantastic show.

   Through the years since, I have been lucky enough to play with Watt on many occasions (fIREHOSE/Grey Area), or sitting in with the Missing Men. More recently, opening for the Meat Puppets, several times with my group Con Queso, and again with Gang Font.

   I am super stoked about the new tour! Meat Puppets, Watt / with the Jom & Terry show, and my new gig, Porcupine. Porcupine is Casey Virock (guitar/vocals), Ian Prince (drums), and yours truly on bass. I love playing with these guys. As fine of a three piece that I've ever had the privilege to play in. So come on out, and catch the New Tour, Minneapolis @ the Cabooze (5/4), Milwaukee @ Shank Hall (5/5), and Chicago @ Lincoln Hall (5/19). Also look for some east coast dates with Grant Hart in our slot.

   Yeah we've been to the edge,
   we've got a lot of friends down there,
   but we're not talking about Love!
   It's bigger then that.

   So, hope to see you all out there. We're going to make a little history, again.


   p.s. It's gonna be a hoot!

from cris kirkwood:

A Fond Memory from the Tour Tour

   It was the last night of the tour. Before the gig, in an alley behind the place, somebody found a big empty cardboard box that had once held light bulbs. Printed on the side in large letters were the words 'Econo Watt.' D Boon and Mike had both shaved their heads for the tour. Somebody came up with the brilliant idea of fashioning the box into a headpiece by cutting out the phrase and then carving out a half circle beneath the words in the shape of Mike's head which allowed it to be taped onto his hairless noodle, effectively turning him into a road sign, advertising the gist of Mike's, and the Minutemen's, tour ethos: Tour Econo!

mike watt in san diego, ca on march 3, 1985

   (click here to hear curt and cris kirkwood discuss 'econ-o-watt' sign on watt's head on the last night of "the tour")

mike watt in san diego, ca on march 3, 1985

   That was 32 years and countless tours ago. Mike still flies that flag. One of my favorite people, let alone bassists, on the planet. Period.

   Now all these years later we're going back out on the road again together. It's an honor, a privilege and, quite frankly, a god damn miracle! We're calling this run 'The Tour Tour Two' and you are all invited. Onward!

from mike watt:

   it was dennis pelowski who approached me last fall about doing a month w/the meat puppets in the u.s. midwest and east coast and I felt very lucky to have been asked. I go way back w/the guys, love them dearly. then I found out grant and greg of the huskers would be on board also for some those gigs and I felt even more lucky cuz yeah, I go way back w/them too... you've just read about "the tour" we did in the spring of 1985 together - actually the last time all three trios (husker du, meat puppets + minutemen) were together. damn, hard to believe...

   isharing the stage w/me this tour will be the jom & terry show which feature missingmen guitarman tom watson and secondmen drummerman jerry trebotic. now we ain't toured in fifteen years (check the hoot page) but I've been playing w/them a buttload in their regular places (second/missingmen) and prac has been happening so I'm chomping at the bit to get this tour on and be w/some righteous brothers I dig so dearly - you watch them help watt work his bass better cuz there's nothing more inspiring than working the towns w/true brothers!

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