mike watt's hoot page

here's a site put up on the web by me to let folks know what's up in my wack life

I live in pedro
I work the thudstaff
I jam econo

("soft and gentle?" think again)

watt in 1979  d. boon in 1983  watt in 2019

"the man in the van  inkan for watt  w/a bass in his hand"

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* next watt gigs *

mike watt + the secondmen

featuring original secondmen pete mazich and jerry trebotic

second to the last gig
for mark di piazza!
friday, february 28 at 10 pm
at di piazza's
5205 e pacific coast highway
long beach, ca
(562) 498-2461

for the adobe punk proj
saturday, february 29 at 1 pm
at the angels gate cultural center
3601 s gaffey st
san pedro, ca
(310) 519-0936

mssv 'haru tour 2020'


"haru tour 2020"

march 19 - april 11

featuring mike baggetta,
stephen hodges and mike watt

* stuff that's going on right now w/watt *

out now on clenchedwrench *
- il sogno del marinaio second album canto secondo -
- il sogno del marinaio album la busta gialla -
- spielgusher album -
- dos album "dos y dos" -
- my third opera "hyphenated-man" -

il sogno del marinaio second album 'canto secondo' il sogno del marinaio debut album 'la busta gialla' 'spielgusher'
dos' 'dos y dos' mike watt's 'hyphenated-man'

* stuff from watt's past *

* stuff you might wanna know about *

see watt puffin' on a 'gar

hootpage.com = mikewatt.com

mike watt
maintains this web site
after creating it on:
november 10, 1996

last update:
february 21, 2020

this site dedicated to d boon

shot of d. boon breaking the ice

(hear some 1985 spiels from d boon)

w/additional inspiration from john coltrane

john coltrane in 1957
"I the oblation and I the flame into which it is offered
I am the fire of the world and this world's mother and grandfather
I am om om om om om om!"

(hear a 1958 interview w/john coltrane)

shovelsarea still under constructionare busy!

watt works the wattplower bass which he helped
design w/the good people at reverend guitars

reverend guitars 'wattplower' mark II bass

watt digs his dna 1350 amp and dns-112nm box

dna amps

his barefaced super twin and super compact boxes

barefaced audio

d'addario strings

d'addario exl160 nickel round wound bass strings

the lace blade pickup in his andy bass

lace music products

and bullet cable

bullet cable

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mike watt's hoot page