mike watt's hoot page

here's a site put up on the web by me to let folks know what's up in my wack life

I live in pedro
I work the thudstaff
I jam econo

("soft and gentle?" think again)

watt in 1979  d. boon in 1983  watt in 2019

"the man in the van

inkan for watt

w/a bass in his hand"

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watt w/reverend prototype bass at winter's tavern in pacifica, ca on feb 27, 2016 for 'stevestock'

* next watt gigs *


featuring joe berardi, motoko honda and mike watt
w/special guest petra haden

sunday, october 10 at 9:30 pm
at the lodge room
104 n avenue 56
2nd floor
highland park, ca
(323) 509-2861

mike watt + the missingmen

featuring original missingmen tom watson and raul morales

friday, november 12
part of the "unhinged music fest 2021"
at rubber gloves
411 e sycamore st
denton, tx
(940) 387-7781

saturday and sunday, november 13 and 14
at the lion's lair lounge
2022 e colfax av
denver, co
(303) 320-9200


featuring mike baggetta, stephen hodges and mike watt

"haru 2022 tour"

march 14 - april 28

* stuff that's going on right now w/watt *

* stuff from watt's past *

* stuff you might wanna know about *

see watt puffin' on a 'gar

hootpage.com = mikewatt.com

mike watt
maintains this web site
after creating it on:
november 10, 1996

last update:
september 6, 2021

this site dedicated to d boon

shot of d. boon breaking the ice

(hear some 1985 spiels from d boon)

w/additional inspiration from john coltrane

john coltrane in 1957
"I the oblation and I the flame into which it is offered
I am the fire of the world and this world's mother and grandfather
I am om om om om om om!"

(hear a 1958 interview w/john coltrane)

shovelsarea still under constructionare busy!

watt works the wattplower bass which he helped
design w/the good people at reverend guitars

reverend guitars 'wattplower' mark II bass

watt digs his dna 1350 amp and dns-112nm box

dna amps

plus his barefaced super twin and super compact boxes

barefaced audio

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mike watt's hoot page