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here's a site put up on the web by me to let folks know what's up in my wack life

I live in pedro
I work the thudstaff
I jam econo

("soft and gentle?" think again)

watt in 1979  d. boon in 1983  watt in 2019

"the man in the van

inkan for watt

w/a bass in his hand"

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watt w/reverend prototype bass at winter's tavern in pacifica, ca on feb 27, 2016 for 'stevestock'

* next watt gigs *

mike watt + the missingmen

featuring original missingmen tom watson and raul morales

sunday, august 28 at 1:55 pm
part of the this ain't no picnic festival
pasadena, ca

wednesday, september 14 at 9:30 pm
at permanent records roadhouse
1906 cypress av
cypress park, ca
(323) 332-2312

saturday, october 29 at 10 pm
at mi california
14047 hawthorne bl
hawthorne, ca
(310) 679-0202
all ages

sunday, october 30 at 10:30 pm
at the redwood bar & grill
316 w 2nd st
los angeles, ca
(213) 680-2600


thursday, september 8
at gigi's cocktail lounge
2493 grand av
ventura, ca
(805) 642-2411

friday, september 9
at the observatory
3503 s harbor bl
santa ana, ca
(714) 957-0600

sunday, september 11
at the soda bar
3615 el cajon bl
san diego, ca
(619) 955-5551

these gigs will have flipper opening for the garden

sunday, october 2
at brooklyn steel
319 frost st
brooklyn, ny

tuesday, october 4
at big night live
110 causeway st
boston, ma

thursday, october 6
at the howard theatre
620 t street nw
washington dc

friday, october 7
at baltimore soundstage
124 market pl
baltimore, md

saturday, october 8
at union transfer
1026 spring garden st
philadelphia, pa

monday + tuesday, october 10 + 12
at masquerade
75 m.l.k. jr dr sw
atlanta, ga

wednesday, october 12
at the ritz ybor
1503 e 7th av
tampa, fl

friday, october 14
at the house of blues
225 decatur st
new orleans, la


featuring steve perkins, peter distefano and mike watt
whuppin' up stooges in a john coltrane kind of way

celebrating perk's double nickels bday!
saturday, september 10 at 11 pm
at the mint
6010 w pico bl
l.a., ca
(323) 954-9400

* stuff that's going on right now w/watt *

* stuff from watt's past *

* stuff you might wanna know about *

see watt puffin' on a 'gar

hootpage.com = mikewatt.com

mike watt
maintains this web site
after creating it on:

november 10, 1996

last update:

august 17, 2022

5 this site dedicated to d boon

shot of d. boon breaking the ice

"get your hands in there and feel what the people are all about!"

(hear some 1985 spiels from d boon)

w/additional inspiration from john coltrane

john coltrane in 1957

"I the oblation and I the flame into which it is offered
I am the fire of the world and this world's mother and grandfather
I am om om om om om om!"

(hear a 1958 interview w/john coltrane)

for gigs watt works the wattplower bass which he
helped design w/the good people at reverend guitars

reverend guitars 'wattplower' mark II bass

watt digs his bergantino forte hp amp

bergantino audiosystems

and his barefaced super twin and super compact boxes


plus his dna 1350 amp and dns-112nm box

david nordschow amplification

shovelsarea still under constructionare busy!

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